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barattiBaratti is an ancient Tuscan city, the only one built on the sea by the Etruscans, just behind of the Gulf. The settlement in the Gulf was built to facilitate the manufacture of iron coming from Elba.
The Rock of Baratti, built in the first half of the fifteenth century, and the medieval walls, built to defend against pirate attacks are still living testimonies of the past.
From the top of the fortress, overlooking the bay, the view is gorgeous, and it is here that visitors of Baratti will gladly grant a break before continuing the tour to the golfo.Quello Baratti is one of the most beautiful bays of the region.







Bolgheri CastelloBolgheri born from the Province of Livorno, in the final part of the Metalliferous Hills. The town developed around the medieval castle, located on a hill. The town has become famous not only for the beauty of its landscape even for its great red wines. Among the most famous wines produced are Sassicaia, wine and numerous autochthonous sangiovese wines of Tenuta Ornellaia and Guado al Tasso.








parco san silvestroLocated behind Campiglia Marittima and the promontory of Piombino, the Archaeological Park of San Silvestro has an area of ​​450 hectares and preserves unique testimonies of mining and metallurgy, from the Etruscan period to the present day.
The park, opened in 1996, is an extraordinary archive open pit mining history of the Val di Cornia, placed between two areas connected by hiking trails in nature archaeo-mining area of ​​penknife and the area of ​​Valle Lanzi.








populoniaPopulonia was an Etruscan city, one of the most important centers of the ancient world for processing and trade of iron.
Sitting atop a hill surrounded by the sea, this village has a charm.
The medieval walls, built for defense against pirates, and the Rocca, built in the first half of the fifteenth century, enclosing cobbled streets, small shops and a private museum of Etruscan and Roman remains, discovered in the area and at sea.
A road, which overlooks a beautiful landscape, Populonia joins the Gulf of Baratti, where there are important evidence of Etruscan.
In the archaeological park, which covers about 80 hectares, visitable through organized trails, history and archeology live in a beautiful and unspoiled landscape.
Of great interest the monumental necropolis of San Cerbone, the only one to be built over the sea, the remains of the buildings where work metals, the necropolis of the Caves, the ancient stone quarries.






Terme di CalidarioImmersed in the ancient bath at 36 degrees of wellness and imagination. Surrounded by a pine forest that encompasses the scents of a nature to savor. The Calidario is a pond with thermal spring of hot water at 36 degrees, which flows directly into the tank-pond with an average capacity of about 12,000 liters per minute.
It is accessed by passing heated changing rooms with internal direct in the pond. A source that today more than ever offers his embrace exploiting the beneficial effects of water and steam in the service of well-being. Back in time to the days when the Etruscan people enjoyed baths and massages in a unique and charming, a place to find harmony and well-being today.